SBA Business Valuations or Appraisals required for 7(a) loan approvals

Harvest Business Advisors specializes in Small Business Administration SBA Business Valuations or Appraisals required for 7(a) loan approvals when a business is being purchased with a purchase price over $350,000.00. Our valuation experts are Certified Public Accountants and Certified Valuation Analyst’s (CPA, CVA’s)  an approved certification for performing business valuations for both the SBA and IRS. Click here for our partners CV’s.

We regularly work with SBA lenders

We regularly prepare business valuations or appraisals for SBA lenders, often the Vice President of SBA lending. We quickly, efficiently, and compliantly provide opinions of value so you can finalize your loan approval. We can provide service to any state in the USA. Our fees are remarkably reasonable for the service we provide.

Our clients tell us that they are very pleased with our service, our report quality, and the fact that we get the job done. We are always willing to provide references (yes, they are bankers like you) that you may call. Just call 443.334.8000 or click here to email and ask for a copy of our sample report and our references and we will send them off to you today.

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You may call 443.334.8000 or click here to email us to talk about your specific situation or to just learn more about our services and the SBA loan process in general.

If you need a business valuation for SBA loan approval purposes, or if you would like to add another approved provider to your list, please give us a call at 443.334.8000 or click here to email today.

PS:  Don’t worry about “bothering us” with a phone call or email.  SBA valuations are what we do. We love to talk about them.  Please feel free to call 443.334.8000 or click here to email.